20 oct. 2011

Tzompantli outdoor exhibition in Mexico City:


Traduction du texte : 
De l’exposition Tzompantli
Au Musée national de la culture populaire
Inauguration jeudi heures Octobre 27 / 19:00. / Gratuit
Av. Hidalgo n ° 289, le colonel del Carmen, Coyoacán, Mexico

Death and the mysticism surrounding it, have given the most diverse expressions
and rituals since it is known. The symbolism of humanity
attributes is a clear indication of the attraction for understand what happens
after life. One of these manifestations is the Tzompantli: an altar or
Wall of skulls of people killed as offering to the gods in times
pre-Hispanic. Still bleeding heads of the prisoners were arranged one behind
the others, strung on wooden poles. When stacked one above the other
conformed an imposing wall of skulls. Hernán Cortés records and
Bernardino de Sahagún testify to its existence. Today we can
see some stone representations in high relief as the Temple Tzompantli
Mayor or the one located at Chichen Itza and some bread-lead
dead and offerings.
GRAPHIC Tzompantli is a reinterpretation of this structure, a tribute to
its mythical and cultural burden. Comprised of 20 large format calacas artists
Mexican and international expressions related to graphic and illustration
graffiti, comic, design, contemporary art, among others. Each shape their particular
concept of death, resulting in an exquisite mosaic of images,
concepts and graphics.
Made this Tzompantli in outdoor intervention of the National Museum
Popular Culture is an extension that is part of the exhibition
presented at Vertigo Gallery, so how are you two proposals to coexist
appreciate the work of more than 70 artists. So the viewer can visit
two spaces to see all the proposals.
PARTICIPANTS: Adrien Bernheim (FR), Samuel Casal (BR), Carlos Castillo, Alberto Cerriteño,
Catalina Estrada (COL), Fupete (ITA), Diego Gamba, Jorge Gutierrez, Boney,
Federico Jordanie, Gouram Lubaggi, Maxi Luchini (ARG), Marie Meier (FR), Omar Mijangos
Christian Montenegro (ARG), Martin Pech, Pooch (Etats-Unis), Lucas Varela (ARG),
Figure Tzompantli est un projet conjoint de Vertigo Galerie (Clarisa Moura -
Alderete) et Omar Mijangos.

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