16 oct. 2011

Marilyn Manson limited art prints


I begin my new print series " Batcave Heart " with Marilyn Manson. I'd loved a lot Marilyn in his first years in music. Since he become one of the big machine of music industry he's more consensual, but he stays someone inspiring and i don't hide the pleasure i have to draw this portrait.

Please, forgive me for the watermark on my pic, but I have just enough to see its looted. Like I already said, if you use its for you personnal site, avatar, forum I don't care about. But I can't approve commercial use. It's my job and i have customers ( and note many of my pics are property of my customers, so the problem is with me of course, but with them too )  Of course no watermark on the print  !!   

There are two size of prints : 50 x70 cm  ( 20"x28 " )( ( only 20 copies) )  et 30x40 cm  ( 12"x16")( only 40 copies)
next in the series Batcave Heart  Siouxie Sioux, Robert Smith, Trent Reznor, Nina Hagen, Ian Curtis, Peter Murphy, Alien Sex Fiend, Gary Numan, Christian Death and more...