23 oct. 2011

The Ideal Palace


As I can not show you my work in progress, I return to my last trip. So I was in Perpignan a month ago and I finally realized one of my dreams, visit the Postman Cheval's Ideal Palace. A monument of art brut.

The Palace is situated in  Drôme at Hauterives. It was built by Ferdinand Cheval a postman. He laid the foundation stone in 1879 and completed his work in 1912. The idea of ​​building it  came during one of his tour. He comes up against a stone that is very beautiful. He took it to build his building. It can be seen in this photo:


He did the same for all the other stones to be set apart during his tours, and get them back with his wheelbarrow. It should be noted that the tour was about 30 km.
Ferdinand Cheval had no idea what could be the masonry and learned on the job to call up its cement walls. A mammoth task. There blend of many influences both architectural as well as cultural. It was then that begin shipments of post cards, newspapers or almanacs. It is assumed that there has drawn elements.


I found the inspiration for my next tattoo:

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